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Badger State Deck and Railing brings safety and elegance to your outdoors with expert railing installation. Discover our versatile railing services for decks, patios, and more. Experience our commitment to quality and design, ensuring every railing solution not only meets safety standards but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Expert Railing Installation Based in DeForest, Also Serving Madison and South Central Wisconsin

As trusted railing installation experts in South Central Wisconsin, we understand the importance of both function and form. Our service extends beyond mere installation; we craft experiences. A proper railing provides safety, such as ADA handrails for accessibility, and guard rails for security. Yet, our commitment lies in enhancing the beauty and value of your space. Our deck railing installation promises a seamless blend of durability and design, perfect for decks, patios, or walkways. When it comes to railing replacement, our team ensures a harmonious integration with your existing outdoor decor, revitalizing your home’s character.

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Safe & Stylish Railing Design

Imagine a railing that does more than just enclose a space—it enhances it. We specialize in creating such impactful additions. Whether it’s a handrail installation that meets ADA standards or an outdoor railing installation that withstands the elements, our approach combines safety with elegance. We excel in deck railing replacement, ensuring your outdoor areas are not just secure but also aesthetically pleasing. Our solutions consider the nuances of your lifestyle and the specifics of your outdoor space, delivering a product that stands the test of time and elevates your home’s ambiance.

Elevate the safety and style of your outdoor spaces with our railing services that cater to both necessity and luxury:

  • Railing Replacement: Upgrade your space with new railings that blend safety with modern aesthetics.
  • Railing Installation: Professional installation that ensures stability and adds a touch of elegance to any area.
  • Ramp Railings: Enhance accessibility with railings designed for ramps, combining functionality with design.
  • ADA Handrail: Compliance meets comfort with handrails that adhere to ADA standards, ensuring everyone’s security.
  • Guard Rail: Protect your loved ones with sturdy guard rails that define and guard your outdoor perimeters.
  • Deck Railings: Tailor-made deck railings that provide safety and a seamless look to complement your decking.
  • Patio Railings: Transform your patio with railings that promise durability and add character to your outdoor leisure area.
  • Walkway Railings: Ensure a safe passage with stylish railings along walkways, merging practicality with curb appeal.

Transform Your Outdoor Area

In DeForest, WI, Badger State Deck and Railing doesn’t just install railings; we transform spaces. From the first contact to the final inspection, we ensure your project embodies excellence. Our deck railing installation process is meticulous, and designed to address your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. We pride ourselves on creating outdoor spaces where moments are cherished and safety is assured. Whether you’re looking to refresh an old deck or complete a new patio, our railing services provide the finishing touch that defines and protects your outdoor haven.

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